Rock-opera “JUNONA and AVOS“

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Price: 18 € - 52 €

When: Nov 28, 2012

Presented by The Moscow National Theatre of Alexey Rybnikov

Details of event

Rock-opera “JUNONA and AVOS“

Presented by The Moscow National Theatre of Alexey Rybnikov


Music: Alexey Rybnikov

Text: Andrey Voznesensky

Stage directror: Aleksandr Ryhlov

Choreographer: Žanna Šmakova



Rock-opera was premiered in the year 1981.  Authors - a famous Russian composer Alexey Rybnikov and poet Andrey Voznesensky. In 1983 the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin organized performance of "Junona and Avos“ to French audience, then followed the triumphant appearances all over the world: USA, Germany, Holland and other countries. Later, the opera was staged in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, South Korea.

In summer of 2009 the Theatre of Alexey Rybnikov presented the new production of rock-opera "Junona and Avos", which was very successful. Alexey Rybnikovi full author’s version is aimed to restore the original idea of rock-opera.

The plot of rock-opera is based on actual events and is dedicated to the trip of Russian national official, Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov, to California in the year of 1806. In California, he met a young Konchita Argueljo, San Francisco governor's daughter. Rezanov and Konchita got engaged. In order to get permission to marry with Catholic, Rezanov had to go back to St. Petersburg, to the emperor. But on the back way, he became ill and died. Konchita did not believe the death of her fiancé and only in the year of 1842 the sad message reached her. Then she went to the monastery, where died.

After two centuries happened symbolic reunion of Konchita and Rezanov. In autumn of 2000 California sheriff brought to Krasnoyarsk rose and mold from Konchita`s grave and put them to the white cross, one side of which says, "I never forget you" and another "I cannot see you ever" - the most famous words of rock-opera ballad.

"Junona and Avos" - is the most famous rock-opera on the Russian stage last 30 years. The Moscow National Theatre of Alexey Rybnikov has the exclusive right for representation of the rock opera "Junona and Avos".


  • Nordea Concert Hall, Estonia pst. 9, Tallinn