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Muusikal "Billy Elliot"

Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn

28.03.2015 until 09.05.2015

Tommy Emmanuel c.g.p. (Austraalia)

Nordea Kontserdimaja, Tallinn


Price: 16 € - 25 €

When: Jan 4, 2013

Musical in two acts

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Musical in two acts


Producer  Roman Hovenbitzer (Germany)

Musical Director and Conductor  Tarmo Leinatamm

Conductor  Lauri Sirp

Stage Designer  Roy Spahn (Germany)

Light Designer  Palle Palme (Rootsi)

Choreographer  Winfried Schneider


“I find this city enchanting. Everything is so full of life and lavish here. People have been taken over by an obsessive thirst for having fun. If it were a film, I wonder what could happen here? A volcano could erupt, the city might be struck by a tempest and a flood…” (Cliff) CABARET lets the audience take a glimpse at a pleasure-seeking society. The life filled with frivolous and promiscuous entertainment reminds us of someone dancing on a precipice.

The song “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” hints at the emerging national socialism that does not care about the wellbeing of the individual nor about the world of artists and outcasts. CABARET has been hugely successful all over the world thanks to its enthralling music and fantastic show combined with a serious

theme. A theme that always touches, and moves us, the audience.


In Estonian with English and Finnish subtitles.


  • Nordea Concert Hall, Estonia pst. 9, Tallinn