PUSHKIN ( Sergey Bezrukov )

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Price: 20 € - 70 €

When: Feb 16, 2013

Details of event

The theater represents it’s specific estimation of life and fate of Alexander Pushkin.

The action of the show covers big period of the poet’s life: from exile to Mikhailovskoye in 1825 till tragic duel in 1837.

Too many years have passed since the epoch when the poet lived, and too many people currently realize him like “bronze monument”, classic of Russian literature from school program. That is why for Sergey Bezrukov it was very important to show alive personality with all of his passions and life collisions – which were the real base from which his poetry  appeared.


  • Nordea Concert Hall, Estonia pst. 9, Tallinn

Web: http://teatrbezrukova.ru/performances/pushkin/